Who We are

Phuthalichaba, an innovative savings and lending cooperative, operates independently with a commitment to fostering:

(a) A savings culture
(b) Financial accessibility
(c) Cutting-edge banking services
(d) Investments in innovative startups.

The cooperative will actively support and invest in emerging businesses. Membership is open to all Lesotho citizens worldwide, requiring only a valid identification document (ID/Passport) and an active Lesotho bank account.

Embracing a paperless approach, we stay attuned to evolving technology, conducting all transactions electronically through our partner banks. This not only ensures transaction records are securely archived but also allows for traceability, maintaining a high level of accountability. Our electronic framework enables members to participate regardless of their geographic location, fostering financial inclusion for all citizens of Lesotho, wherever they may reside.

Our Mission

Empowering financial dreams, Phuthalichaba envisions a Lesotho where a culture of saving, financial access, and innovative investments thrives. We aim to be a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity.

Our Vision

To be a leading and self-sustaining financial institution, Phuthalichaba is dedicated to providing accessible financial services, fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to Lesotho's economic development and wealth creation for its members.


We strive to be a paper-free cooperative society, so all our work is based on innovative electronic devices to the extent possible. More importantly, all our transactions are electronic and they are done through a bank, including borrowing and lending. That means permanent records of transactions remain with the bank—hence such transactions are traceable. This ensures a high level of accountability. It also ensures that our members are not confined to a particular geographic location. You can become a member from anywhere in Lesotho.

Message from founder

"It is no secret that a vast majority of us live from hand to mouth when it comes to usage of money. A single month without a source of income could affect us to the detriment. What if we broke that deeply rooted paradigm and instead adopted a new one that is delaying gratification just a little by saving the little that we have? Join us in this new vision that is set on changing Lesotho’s financial landscape." ~ Mr Tebello Tjapela

Governance Structure